Divinycell cores provide the ultimate in sandwich performance offering high strength to weight ratios, excellent insulation properties, low water absorption and good chemical resistance. A variety of grades and densities are available to match a broad range of application performance requirements. These include grades that are specially developed for prepreg systems, for subsea buoyancy applications and for high temperature use. Divinycell cores are compatible with virtually all resin systems and the majority of composite manufacturing processes and are approved by all major classification societies.

Divinycell H Barracuda Diab Group

Divinycell H

Excellent strength to weight. An all-purpose grade used in multiple industries.

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Divinycell HP Barracuda Diab Group

Divinycell HP

High-temperature resistant core suitable for prepreg applications.

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Divinycell HM Barracuda Diab Group

Divinycell HM

High-performance core for extremely demanding applications such as fast marine hulls.

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Divinycell HT Barracuda Diab Group

Divinycell HT

An aerospace core available with comprehensive quality documentation and traceability.

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Divinycell HCP Barracuda Diab Group

Divinycell HCP

Core material for subsea applications, used from sea level to 700 meters depth.

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Divinycell F Barracuda Diab Group

Divinycell F

A sandwich core with excellent FST properties, suitable in commercial aircrafts interiors.

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Divinycell P Barracuda Diab Group

Divinycell P

A PET core with excellent FST properties used in transport and construction industries.

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Divinycell PN Barracuda Diab Group

Divinycell PN

A thermoplastic core material designed to increase performance and decrease weight.

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ProBalsa Barracuda Diab Group


Used in marine and wind applications in combination with foam.

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